The African Association has successfully published the African Journal of Rhetoric (AJR) since 2009.  The Journal is hosted by two prestigious bibliographic holdings: first, is SABINET, and secondly, EBSCO. The Journal directly services the the conferences of the African Association for Rhetoric (AAR). The Journal also publishes unsolicited papers from scholars whose interests relate broadly to Rhetoric, Public Communication, Public Affairs, Peace and Conflict, Diplomacy, International Relations and Public Ethics. Papers submitted to the African Journal of Rhetoric are sent to two anonymous reviewers. Publication of papers are dependent on the recommendations of reviewers. AJR is SAPSE Accredited. The Association has also published some issues of Balagha: African Rhetoric Review. Balagha has served as a supplementary journal to the African Journal of Rhetoric (AJR). Balagha has published featured interviews, conference reports, poetry, commentaries on speeches and reviews. 

Journal Publications