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2nd Biennial International Conference

on the topic


Rhetoric in the Time of AIDS: African Perspectives

organised by

The African Association for Rhetoric (AAR)

Date: 1-3 July 2009
Venue: Durban, South Africa

Recent literature at the intersection of rhetoric and medical science, particularly as it relates to HIV/AIDS epidemic, is proof that the resurgence of rhetoric  in academic discourse  across  disciplines  is  making  progress.  This  conference,  Rhetoric in the time of AIDS: African Perspectives promises  to  bring  together  distinguished researchers,  scholars  and  graduate  students  from  across  the  globe  whose  interests relate to rhetoric and AIDS. This multidisciplinary conference will be of interest to specialists  in  but  not  limited  to Rhetoric,  Law, Medicine,  Philosophy  and Ethics, Sociology,  Gender  Studies,  Psychology,  Social  Development  Studies, Anthropology,  Pharmacology,  Political  Science,  Economic Policy, African  Studies and  Communication.  This  conference  arises  in  view  of  the  recognition  and opportunity  for  contemplating  issues  ranging from policy,  the  construct of  medical knowledge  around  the  pandemic,  media  rhetoric  and  the  state  of  global  health  to funding politics. Interested scholars and academics are invited to submit abstracts of about 250 words each.

Abstracts: November 20 2008  Length: 250 words
Papers: February 15 2009  Maximum Length: 6000

Keynote Speakers
Alex Preda, PhD
Professor of Sociology, University of Edinburgh
Nana Poku, PhD
John Ferguson Professor of African Studies, University of Bradford
Will Akande, PhD
Professor, Graduate School of Business, University of KwaZulu-Natal
Leana Uys, PhD
Professor of Nursing, University of KwaZulu-Natal

NB:  Papers  will  be  made  available  to  delegates  on  CD-ROM.  The  Organisers  however advise that papers should be written not only for presentation, but also for publication, since select  papers  will  be  published  in  the  Association’s  Journal:  AJR: African Journal of Rhetoric following a peer review process.

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