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Its 3rd International Biennial Conference
On the Theme

Inter-Cultural Negotiation of the Global Space: African Perspectives

Current research in leadership has revealed that society does not really trust the leaders that they elect or appoint to leadership positions. Very few social and political systems across the globe today can boast of good leadership. Most crises that the world faces today, poverty, conflict, epidemics, financial meltdown are blamed on different forms of leadership that are responsible for maintaining stability in these sectors. All of these systems have their attendant rhetoric or rhetorical processes through which they seek to foster cohesion and restoration of their sectors or communities. The role and importance of rhetoric in different fora are not yet crystallised, particularly how these impact on Africa, either within the cohort of African states or their interaction with the rest of the world. Since the African Association for Rhetoric integrates the practice and discourse, we will seek to bring together eminent academics, politicians, diplomats scholars and civil society representatives in pertinent areas to deliberate on relevant issues at the conference. We seek to make these operatives partners in knowledge production.

This multidisciplinary conference will be of interest to specialist in the following areas but are not  limited  to  Rhetoric,  Law,  Philosophy  and  Ethics, Sociology, Gender  Studies, Social Development Studies, Anthropology, Political Science, Economic Policy, African Studies and Communication, Peace and Conflict Studies.

Interested scholars and academics are invited to submit abstracts of about 250 words each.

The Conference aims to understand the rhetoric that characterise the institutional transactions of 
governments of different nations across the globe, but particularly, how these affect Africa.
The following are relevant sub-themes:

  • Presidential Rhetoric and Diplomatic Negotiations

  • Rhetoric in / of multilateral institutions

  • Conflict and Peace Negotiation in Africa

  • Trans-national migration and negotiation of space in host context

  • African Identity, the Media and the Virtual World

  • Cultural Rhetoric in the African Context

  • African’s speaking to Africa: Writings of African Authors

  • The Rhetoric of African Renaissance and Pan-Africanism in the 21st Century


Date: June 30 – July 2 2011
Submission Deadlines:
November 30, 2010
Papers: February 28 2011
Venue: Cape Town, South Africa

Considering the multidisciplinary/multispectral nature of the gathering, the conference will 
target the following operatives: 
o Academics/Researchers
o Political Operatives/government functionaries
o Medical Practitioners and Humanitarian workers
o NGO/CSOs representatives
o Diplomats
o Legal luminaries
o Business Executives
o Representatives of International/multinational Organisations
o Funders
o Diplomats
o Media Practitioners

Enquiries and abstracts should be sent to:
Select papers will be published in the African Journal of Rhetoric following a peer review process

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