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If you are interested in reviewing any of the titles below, kindly contact the Editor, African Journal of Rhetoric

Ige, S., Motsaathebe, G. and Ochieng, O. (2022) A Companion to African Rhetoric. MD: Lexington Books.  

Akomolafe C. A., Asante, M. K. and Nwoye, A. (eds) (2017) We will Tell our Own Story. New York: Universal Write Publications LLC.

Asante, M. K. (2016) Lynching Barack Obama: How Whites Tried to String Up the President. New York: Universal Write Publications.


Asante, M. K. (2015) African Pyramids of Knowledge: Kemet, Afrocentricity and Africology. New York: Universal Write Publications. 


Harris, D. H. (ed.) (2017) Newschaser: The Rhetoric of Trump in Essays and Commentaries. New York: Universal Write Publications. 


Smart, I. I. (2014) The Gunning Down of Micheal Brown: An Afrocentric Response. Washington D.C. and Port of Spain: Original World Press. 

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