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The African Association for Rhetoric

in collaboration with

Common Text, College of Arts and Science,

Howard University, Washington DC


announces the 2015 colloquium on

Rhetoric, Transformational Leadership and Du Bois.

The colloquium seeks to feature various panels at the intersection of Rhetoric and Transformational leaders. Graduate Students of senior students who desire to present papers should also send in abstracts on, but not exclusive to, the following themes.


Each paper will be considered on its own merit. Well written papers will be considered for publication in the Association’s: African Journal of Rhetoric (AJR). Students’ papers may also be published in Balagha: African Rhetoric Quarterly.


The organising committee would like to emphasise that the conference of the African Association for Rhetoric is a multidisciplinary, multisectoral event. We seek participation from all disciplines, sectors and scholars who seek to contribute to engagements in and around rhetoric, public communication, leadership and transformation in society.



  • Defining the Rhetoric of Transformation or transformative rhetoric within a socio- political process

  • Rhetoric, Transitions and Political complications

  • Formations and Transformations in the Uses of Rhetoric in Africa

  • Philosophical and Theoretical Approaches to Understanding Transformation in Africa

  • Political Transitions and Institutional Transformation

  • Transition, transformation and Presidential Rhetoric

  • Transitions and Institutional Agency: Changes in Media and the Economic Sector

  • Impact of Transitions in North Africa on Other African Countries

  • Imagining a New Africa: The Rhetoric of Transformation in Literature and Oratory

  • Political Operatives as Agents of Change: Transformational Leadership and Transformational Change

  • Rhetoric and the Notion of Transitional Justice

  • Rhetoric, Transformation and Economic Development in Africa

  • Transition, Transformation and Civil Society

  • The Intellectual and the Political Process: Rhetoric of Transformation in Knowledge Production


Proposed Venue

Cramton Hall and Blackburn Centre

Howard University, Washington DC

Proposed Date

April 3-4 2015

Proposed Keynote Speakers

President Barrack Obama

Retired General Collin Powell

 Former President Bill Clinton

Proposed Registration Fees:

Faculty:  free

Students: Free

Deadline of Abstract:

February 28 2015

About the Organisations

  • The African Association for Rhetoric (AAR) is a body of scholars that conducts research into the performance of rhetoric and public discourse. The African Association for Rhetoric (AAR) has since 2007 organised successfully four international conferences and a Roundtable under the Theme: Africa’s Responsibility to Africa. The Association has two major publications, African Journal of Rhetoric (AJR: SAPSE Accredited) and Balagha: African Rhetoric Quarterly. The Association has a growing membership across the globe. For further information, please contact:

  • Common Text is a freshman Project of the College of Arts and Sciences, Howard University. The Program chooses on a yearly basis an interesting reading for student, and for the 2014/2015 academic year, the title chosen is: text form students to read is the Du Bois, The Education of Black People: Ten Critiques.





Conference and Presentation format: Keynote presentation normally lasts for an hour: 45 minutes will be allocated for paper presentation and 15 minutes for discussion. Other paper presentations will only last 30 minutes per speaker: 20 minutes for paper presentation and remaining 10 minutes for discussion.



The African Association for Rhetoric (AAR) has successfully managed to establish its publications and a track record of producing and dissemination knowledge through its main publications: African Journal of Rhetoric and Balagha: African Rhetoric Quarterly. Summaries of papers presented at the conference will be published in Balagha, while refereed paper will be published in the African Journal of Rhetoric (AJR). So far, 2 volumes of the African Journal have been published and four issues of the Balagha: African Rhetoric Quarterly have been published. AJR is a print journal while Balagha is an online only journal.

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